Inside LCSEE Systems by @tbielawa

Slides from Tim’s talk can be found here:

Inside LCSEE Systems PDF

Date: 11/4 ; Time: 5:30pm ; Room: G84 Engineering Sciences Building

For the next meeting ™, Tim Bielawa has agreed to lead us on a magical journey / behind the scenes walk through the entirety of LCSEE Systems.

There are few who fully realize the enormity of what goes on upstairs in 701.  Our department manages 21 steel & silicon servers, housing 36 virtual servers.  There are roughly 166 hand rolled Debian software packages in their repository and approximately 2700 users in their ldap database.  900 gigabytes of data are backed up -every night- from those users.

At this meeting, you’ll learn how a Linux infrastructure works from top to bottom.

Topics include but are not limited to:
System Provisioning
Account Management
Custom Package Overview

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